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We're looking for driven and motivated sales partners to represent Enjoy Health in major markets overseas and in the Philippines.

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Why be a Partner Distributor?

Attractive wholesale margins.

Your commission is up to 30% of each item you sell.

Be your own boss.

Work at your own pace, from the comfort of your home.

Be a trendsetter.

Be the first in your community to represent our brand.

Get free exclusive training.

All distributors will be trained to help maximize sales capabilities.

I want to be a distributor

Exclusive Training Benefits

All distributors get free training to help you grow your sales.  Learn how to tap your network and your community by using online platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Lazada, Shopee, and Viber. We show you all the best practices when it comes to growing your product sales.

What is Enjoy Health?

Enjoy Health is driven by our desire that everyone must live healthy in an enjoyable way. We only carry and produce products guaranteed to be healthy, highly nutritious and delicious to start or keep up your healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

Our Product

Enjoy Health Pure C8 Coconut MCT Oil

Enjoy Health Pure C8 Coco-MCT Oil (258mL) is a sustainably sourced coconut MCT oil from the Philippines, designed for quick, sustained energy boosts for the brain and body.

It is the most efficient and most powerful source of MCT oil for optimum brain and body boost — helping you stay sharp faster and longer. This is due to its composition of 98% pure C8 (caprylic acid) and 2% C10 (capric acid). It is both odorless and flavorless for full comfort and enjoyment.

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